Gluten Free Travel Foods

packing for gluten free air travelI had to go to California this week unexpectedly for what amounted to about 24 hours. What with the long flight, layovers, and being pregnant I was particularly concerned about packing enough food to ensure I wasn’t tormented by all the crap that is available at airports. Not like I can actually eat any of it but gosh those muffins look and smell good. Oh and by the way, Phoenix airport totally had a cake to go kiosk. When exhausted and bored from all day travel I know snacking can often be a distraction but I wasn’t particularly interested in eating just to eat.

My main concern was that I haven’t been monitoring how much/how often I’ve been eating during this second trimester. I have gone back to a more “normal” eating pattern now that the first trimester is over. I’ve cut way back on grains and have been trying hard to add vegetables and protein back into my diet. The issue was I had no idea how much food I would actually need!

Trying to be super organized I figured at minimum I would need to pack the following:


  • 1 mid morning snack
  • Lunch
  • 1 afternoon snack
  • planned on buying dinner


  • 1 breakfast
  • had second breakfast at the hotel
  • planned on buying lunch but it was provided at my event
  • 1 afternoon snack
  • dinner was provided at the event


  • 1 breakfast

In an attempt to cut back on bulk I packed and labeled everything in sandwich baggies which I placed in a crushable insulated lunch tote. I am extremely proud of myself! Packing all this food allowed me to eat healthfully on the go. People at the airport were eating burgers, stir fry, and gorgeous muffins at 10AM. I ate a nectarine and almonds. This also allowed me to eat when I was hungry. Often when traveling we are forced to wait until we have either reached our destination or the airline begins service.

What did I pack? This did take quite a bit of thought and mostly used what we had on hand. Last minute flights are pricey!

Tuesday midmorning breakfast:Nectarine and almonds, not pictured.

what food to pack when traveling gluten freeTuesday Lunch: Almond Butter with cinnamon sandwich, carrot sticks and pepper sticks, and an Emergen-C

Gluten Free travel snacksTuesday Afternoon Snack: Organic Slammers (found at Target a fruit, squash, and greek yogurt purée) and trail mix

disappointing tacosTuesday Dinner was a bust. I had reached out to Laura from Sprint2thetable who lives in San Diego and she was AMAZING at recommending dinner places. Sadly by the time I got my rental car and got on the road it was rush hour and I just wanted to get to my hotel, eat a quick meal, and go to bed. I didn’t get to try anything cool and got some disappointing tacos from a place near my hotel. But NEXT TIME I’m totally prepared!

gluten free travel food breakfastWednesday Breakfast: Gluten Free Greek Yogurt Waffle with almond butter, cherries, and tea. The waffle recipe was from Bob Harper but I also recommend Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Gluten Free Waffles because they are excellent.

Marriott Egg White FrittataMidmorning/Second Breakfast came with my room reservation. I chose an egg white frittata way to go Marriott!

Not pictured was the lunch that was provided at my event. It wasn’t gluten free but I ate loads of carrots, grapes, almonds, and popcorn.

Manna BBQ Manna BBQ San Marcos CAThe event also had an early dinner at 3p.m. PST which was perfect for me since it was dinner time on the east coast. We went to Korean BBQ and the staff graciously gave me certain foods I could eat and my table had 2 grills going, one for soy sauce foods and one for me.

Traveling Gluten Free Breakfast on the goA few hours after dinner I was back at the airport for my redeye. After a layover in Chicago I was hungry for breakfast which was another waffle, blueberries, chocolate hazelnut butter, and tea.

Overall I’m incredibly pleased with my efforts. Before I had left I froze the waffles and once I arrived at my hotel I stored all the food in the fridge provided. I’m also pleased I packed a few sweet things like the chocolate hazelnut butter and the trail mix. I have a major sweet tooth and I know when I get bored sweets are an easy silly fix. By packing my own I ensured I had something sweet without going overboard and buying more junk.

What do you pack when you travel?