Honey Walnut Pear Tarts

  Holy Flavor Combinations Batman! Honey+Walnut= Winning in my mouth! Okay okay, did EVERYONE know they are so outstanding together? I’m guessing the answer is Yes. But somehow a crazy random happenstance occurred and now I too know these are the best flavors I’ve eaten all day.  Fall is creeping up on us and part of me […]



Eggplant Patties with Balsamic Caramelized Onions

Do you discuss food with your friends for hours over the phone? Salivating over the BEST NACHOS or Duck Fat Fries your lucky friends got to eat on their vacation and rudely didn’t even think to take a picture, let alone steal a recipe for? Or the 11 pounds of blueberries your friend picked at […]

Hazelnut Banana Bread

Have you baked with coconut flour much? I am always alarmed at how many eggs it requires and how light and fluffy the end product is. After experimenting with tough hard gluten free bread recipes for years I tried a coconut flour based one. Wow you would not believe the moistness on this bread. Like it […]



Sunbutter Cups 2

Have you ever tried sunbutter? It is a seed butter made from sunflower seeds. I was lurking the bulk section of Wegmans, as one does (!), looking for something entirely different when I saw the sunflower seeds. Intrigued I figured buying some seeds was way cheaper than buying a jar of sunbutter, especially if I […]