Roast Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce

piripirichicken2Happy Friday y’all!

Have you been to Nando’s? It is one of my favorite places to eat. The sauces are delicious, gluten free, and low calorie. The sauces are so good it does not seem possible they are so low in calorie.  One teaspoon of this magic sauce is 0 calorie, 0 Fat, 0 Carbohydrates. Did you know you can buy the sauces to take home? AMAZEBALLS! I know I know it is exciting! There are several different sauces to try and if you are dining in the restaurant I like to mix the medium with the garlic. I never try the hot! The sauce is made with a South African pepper called Peri Peri Chili Pepper. If you don’t like hot spicy things fear not just because it is a Chili Pepper if you get the medium sauce it is rather mild.

nandospiripiriThis chicken is moist, has a bit of a kick, and is impossible to not have seconds. Seriously the first time I made this it smelled so good I had to taste it and could not stop. I know this is pretty far from traditional Easter dishes but if you want to shake things up this recipe could not be easier. If there is not a Nando’s near you Amazon sells it.

nandospirpiriTo make the chicken moist I brined the chicken, this can be skipped but boy does it tenderize the meat. The chicken cooks in its own juices and the sauce which I highly suggest you pour over the chicken after you have cut it up to serve. And then mop the sauce up with bread it is soooo delish!

piripirichickenRoast Chicken with Piri Piri Sauce:


1 chicken

1/3 cup salt

2 TBS agave

1 bottle Nando’s Piri Piri Sauce


Brine the chicken:

In a large stock pot add the salt and agave, dissolve with cold water. Place chicken in the pot and cover with cold water. Place in fridge for at least 4 hours.

Cooking the chicken:

Preheat oven to 450F. Discard the brine and pour the Nando’s sauce over the chicken. Cover and roast until chicken reaches 165F about 1 hour 30 minutes.