Apple Bread 2.0

  A few years ago I made an apple bread here on the blog that was more like a boule. Initially I was just going to rephotograph the bread because guys, my photography has improved! But then I completely reworked the recipe and it was no longer the same bread. Like at all, they are […]



Pecan Pepita Grain Free Granola

Friends I have found a most amazing cider! It is called Bluesberry and is by Millwood. I tasted it and then some at Snallygaster, a beer festival, this weekend. I was hesitant to go to the festival because I wrongly assumed there wouldn’t be that much cider for us non beer folks. Loads of cider […]

Cinnamon Maple Cookies 2

I totally got this idea from the wonderful David Lebovitz. I made his comté ham sables twice and we’ve eaten them in their entirety completely forgoing dinner. I adapted his sable recipe to make it gluten free and then realized what amazing things one stick of butter can do. Using that decadent stick of butter, […]



Mini Sausage Frittatas

Happy Friday all! Sleeping in on the weekends is in a close tie with yummy delicious weekend breakfasts. Schedules slow down and I get to eat breakfast with other people! Like my husband! Who would tell you that if I woke up earlier on the weekdays I could have that experience every day of the week. […]